Outotec Water Tailing Management Workshop in IRAN

Outotec Tailing Management workshop performed in Iran from 12 to 16 Nov 2016 for 7 companies: NIMIDCO, IMIDRO, MIDHCO, GEG and Goharzamin, NICICO and SOMIC in Tehran, Kerman and Sirjan locations with around 110 participants. The main performed topics were:

Outotec Holistic view to Minerals Processing, Water and Metals Processing Management
– Outotec Site Water Management
– Effects of water qualities on metal recoveries
– Customer value (references & case studies)
Materials Management
– Surface Tailings Solution
– Backfill Plant Solutions
– Customer value (references & case studies)
– Thickener Types, Sizing, Features & Recent
– Customer value (references & case studies)
– Principles, Selection, Optimisation
– Tailings filtration & Dry stacking requirements
– Customer value (references & case studies)

– Other OT water treatment technologies and topics (Electrochemical water treatment and other technologies)
– Water balance monitoring and management for mine sites (WQQM concept)
– Services: Modernizations (Thickeners& Filters

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