Mining Projects


Mining projects

Outotec Completed Projects in Iran

  • Audit for NILZ about Kaldo Lance Burner
  • Audit Service for Miduk Flotation System
  • Audit Service for Miduk SAG Mill
  • Audit Service for Mobarakeh Pelletizing
  • Audit Service for Poya Zarkan Millگلگهر 1
  • Audit Service for Poya Zarkan Thickener
  • Chador Malou Thickener
  • Desulfurization Study for Gol-E-Gohar
  • Gol-e-Gohar Concentrator Quality Improvement Project/Basic Engineering
  • Gol-E-Gohar Pelletizing 1
  • Khatoon Abad Advisory Service for Flash Smelter Commissioning
  • Khatoon Abad Casting wheel
  • NILZ Kaldo Lance Burner
  • Sarcheshmeh Anode Furnace 4
  • Khatoon Abad Flash Smelter License
  • Khatoon Abad Sulfuric Acid Conceptual Engineering
  • Khore Byabanak Potash Technical Advisory to Kahanrobaخاتون آباد ذوب
  • Sarcheshmeh Flash Smelter Basic Engineering
  • SL/RN for Yazd Industrial &Constructional Steel Rolling Mill Co. Test Work
  • SL/RN Study for Yazd Industrial &Constructional Steel Rolling Mill Co
  • Sungun Flash Smelter and Slag Flotation Basic Engineering
  • Training Service for Khatoon Abad Smelter Operation people
  • Khatoon Abad Flash Smelter Expansion Basic Engineering
  • Audit Service for Khatoon Abad Flash Smelter Problems


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Outotec Current Projects in Iran

  • Fakoor Sanat Key Equipments for Khatoon Abad Refinery
  • Sarcheshmeh Refinery Cathode Handling Machine (Related to Service)
  • Sarcheshmeh Sulfuric Acid Basic Engineering
  • Khatoon Abad Sulfuric Acid Basic Engineeringفاز دوم کنسانتره سرچشمه
  • Sarcheshmeh Convertors Off-Gas Handling
  • Khatoon Abad Flash Smelter Expansion
  • NICICO New Concentrator Project
  • Sarcheshmeh Concentrator Expansion 2
  • Sarcheshmeh Flash Smelter
  • GoharZamin Pelletizing
  • Gol-E-Gohar Mixer
  • Gol-E-Gohar Pelletizing 2
  • Gol-E-Gohar Stack
  • Khatoon Abad Concentrator Storage 2
  • Maadkoush Pelletizing Filters